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Every year, the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) hosts the SAE Baja competition. Over 100 teams compete, many from top engineering schools in North America, Brazil, and India. Contestants are scored on their performance in design, sales, and dynamic events.

BYU competes in SAE Baja to develop engineering talent and represent the University and the Church on a world scale. The team is funded as a capstone project within the College of Engineering and Technology, and includes students from many backgrounds, and including undergraduate and graduate volunteers in combination with a senior level capstone team.

At BYU Baja, we:

  • Design - Students design a single-seat off-road vehicle conforming to SAE rules. 
  • Build - Students build a prototype of their design. Students fabricate, order and assemble parts.
  • Test - Students test the prototype to determine if it meets the design criteria.
  • Compete - At the end of the year, the team's efforts are put to the test in Static (Design Report, Cost Report, Sales Presentation, Design Presentation) and Dynamic (Hill Climb, Acceleration, Maneuverability, Rock Crawl, Endurance Race) events.

Interested in joining the team? Follow these links for more:

How to get Involved
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