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How is SAE Baja Organized at BYU

The BYU Baja Team is made up of students from many backgrounds, and includes undergraduate and graduate volunteers in combination with a senior-level capstone team. These groups work together seamlessly to design, engineer, build, test, refine and market a Baja vehicle compliant to the SAE rules prior to the end of Winter semester each year.

We are looking for interested and talented students like you! Members are selected annually from a number of qualified candidates to aid in the organization, design, analysis, manufacturing, marketing, and presentation of the BYU Baja vehicle. The team meets together regularly, and members participate in sub-teams and individual efforts to complete assignments. Please join our team to develop new skills, enhance your resume, and be a part of a competitive team here at BYU!

BYU SAE Baja is Funded By the Fulton College of Engineering and Technology and the Department of Mechanical Engineering. Ford Motor Company has also been a generous sponsor since 2013. The majority of the support comes from the ME department in the form of faculty salary, space, and supplies.

If you are interested in being involved in BYU SAE Baja see How to Get Involved.